We first used TM Agricultural in Autumn and Spring 2018 on our pastures and have again utilised the foliar spray in the Autumn of 2019. We have 160 hectares in Northern Tasmania running Gelbvieh and Murray Grey cattle, with a breeding herd of 110. We cut our own silage and observed an increase in the quality and volume of the silage we were able to produce.

We were impressed with how well the paddocks came back after being cut for silage, with regrowth being sufficient for us to achieve a second cut in some areas. We were lucky enough to receive rain at the right time, in what turned out to be a very good season for many. The pasture appeared to hold on for longer as the season dried off over summer, more so than our neighbours. Which meant our cattle were able to graze for longer without supplementation. TM fitted in very well with our foliar spray application of trace elements. It also fits with our shift towards more regenerative agriculture practices.

While it is hard to define the exact benefit after only over just over 18 months of utilising the product. The initial results are promising, and we hope to continue to monitor the progress of our pastures into the future.

The above photo (right side) taken 22nd December 2018 depicts the regrowth of one paddock after being cut for silage approximately a month prior in late November. This paddock had the two applications of TM Agricultural one in Autumn and one in Spring 2018.