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TM Germination produces a more vigorous seed, superior root growth, and gives the seed a quicker ‘pop-up’ effect out of the ground.

What is TM Germination?

TM Germination is a liquid blended formulation of our biostimulant (TM Agricultural) and high-quality pH-neutral phosphorus that is applied directly to the seed at seeding time or up to 120 days prior to planting/sowing. The bene­ficial microorganisms activated by the biostimulant are attracted to the seed and this allows for a lot of colonisation of microbes around the seed and with the added benefit of having available phosphorus which is important for growth and vigor during early plant development. Increased micro-organisms and bacteria in the soil improves the fertility of the soil. This gives the seedling the best possible start to its growth.

How does it work?

Plant health in the early stages of growth and development is as important as early health is in humans. At the early stages of seed germination, the first roots emerging from the seedlings are responsible for establishing a plant fi­rmly in the soil, and also for the absorption of nutrients from the soil. During this process of early plant establishment in soil, seedlings require all the essential nutrients to be readily available, very close to those first roots. The nutrients also keep the plants resistant to soil-borne infections.

When seeds are treated with TM Germination the plants coming out of the soil tend to be healthier with less disease pressure in the early stages. The plants tend to have a better-developed root system early on which means there are more contact points in the soil where water and nutrients can be absorbed which is vital in the early stages of crop development it enables the plant to uptake water and nutrients more effectively and creates a more favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms to multiply. Better nodulation has also been noted in pulse crops.



Application and Timing

Treat seed at a rate of 5 Litres per tonne of seed and or use in liquid inject systems at 5 Litres per tonne of seed.

  • Apply directly to seed at a rate of 5 litres per tonne of seed.
  • Can be treated up to 120 days prior to seeding.
  • The product must cover all seeds and the seed should be damp but not soaked.
  • If sowing more than 60 kg of seed per Ha up to 20% of water can be added for better coverage.