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The fastest way to get essential nutrients into a plant with minimal disturbance to soil microbiology is by using a foliar fertiliser.

What is Best Foliar Fertiliser?

Best Foliar Fertiliser is a specialty blend of high quality soluble granular nutrients consisting of NPK and chelated micronutrients for in-crop application. Best’s Foliar Fertiliser is developed to meet the crop nutrient requirements during its growth. They are developed based on scientific research on the nutrient requirements of crops to help farmers growing crops in different climates and soils. This product has the balanced nutrients required by the plants in readily available forms. It can be used in the production of all commercial agricultural, horticultural, fodder crops, pastures, trees, and turf.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Nitrogen (N)             15.00%
Phosphate (P)          10.90%
Potassium (K)           6.60%
Magnesium (Mg)     2.00%
Sulphur (S)                4.00%

How does it work?

As soil becomes dry and compacted, ground applied fertiliser struggles to reach a plant’s root system. Compacted conditions lead to decreased profi­tability and sometimes crop failure.

The solution: Use a foliar fertiliser. Research has shown that plants take in nutrients much more efficiently through their stomata (pores) located in their foliage than they can through their roots. Crops can be given quick boosts with foliar fertilisation, not only is this good for general fertilisation, but it is also an immediate way to revive and stimulate stressed tired, or diseased crops.

  • Foliar fertilising tests have shown that it is 8-10 times more effective than soil feeding.
  • Up to 90% of the nutrients can be found in the roots within 1 hour of application, this shows the efficacy of nutrients in the plant as opposed to the leaching of soil placed nutrients.
  • Foliar supplements are an effective way to compensate for soil de­ficiencies and poor soil inability to transfer nutrients to the plant, especially when lockup has occurred.
  • Foliar Fertilisers have the potential to signi­ficantly increase crop yield.


Best Foliar Fertiliser offers a wide variety of chelated micronutrients – these are the building blocks for a healthy full crop and offer disease protection. Most foliar fertilisers on the market offer minimal to no micronutrients in their products.

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum

Applications and Timings

Can be tank-mixed with most herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. If unsure about compatibility, perform a jar test or contact your distributor. When filling the sprayer add water first then foliar fertiliser to the water. Mix well.

Best Foliar is best mixed with a water temperature of 18° or higher. Colder water may require longer mixing periods to fully dissolve ingredients.

  •  Available in 20kg Boxes
  • 1.85 – 2.5 kg per Ha
  • One Box treats 8.4 – 11.5 Ha
  • Apply 2 or 3 times during the growing season
  • Minimum dilution rate 1:10 with water (mix 20kg box with 200 liters of water)

Cereals: Foliar Fertiliser is recommended to apply (spray) at the 3-4 leaf stage. The second application should be at the beginning of flowering to the soft dough stage.

Canola: The application of Foliar Fertiliser on canola is at the rosette stage or pre-bolt stage, which may coincide with the second application of herbicide.

Pulse Crops: The application of Foliar Fertiliser is at the 4th node stage, right up to before the crop flowers.

Pasture: Spray on active growing pastures with a good moisture profile.

Tree Crops: The best time to apply to established trees is in the early morning and late afternoon when humidity is higher and the leaves are in a state of full turgor, with their cells full of water