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Fulvic Plus is a high-quality Fulvic Acid and Kelp product and had been created to enhance the effects of Best Products to help you unlock soil nutrients.

What is Best Fulvic Plus?

Best Fulvic Plus’s active ingredient is fulvic acid is a highly efficient chelating agent meaning any product applied in conjunction with fulvic acid will be absorbed more efficiently. Fulvic Acid’s chelating abilities come from the inorganic electrolyte that is both positively and negatively charged. Therefore, it acts like a claw that can move leeched and locked up salts and mineral ions in the soil, holding tight enough that they do not get locked up in the soil, but loose enough so that they are available to the plant on demand. Essentially helping to restore chemical balance to soil and crops.

Fulvic acid works even better when combined with seaweed extracts. Seaweed extracts are loaded with natural plant-growth hormones such as auxins and cytokinins. Fulvic acid holds onto the auxins in an exchangeable form to amplify their effects on plants.

Benefits in an Agricultural System

  • Increased herbicide efficiency
  • Improve salinity issues in soil.
  • Improved foliar fertiliser performance.
  • pH Adjustment.
  • Increased microbial activity.

How does it work?

Because Best Fulvic Plus helps to mobilise any heavy metals within the soil it is able to play an important part in allowing the soil to naturally adjust its pH level by way of moving the salts. Fulvic acid is so strong that it can carry over 73 elements, giving it extremely high cation exchange properties, this allows crops to balance soil pH naturally.

When used in conjunction with Best products such as TM Agricultural and Best Foliar Fertiliser, it will drastically increase efficacy by stimulating plant metabolism, increasing enzyme activity, and acting as a catalyst for plant respiration, it improves nutrient efficiency as it enhances the permeability of cell membranes.

Fulvic Acid and Seaweed are both wetting agents and wetting agents act as a deterrent to reduce the surface tension of the water which increases the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid, thereby helping it soak into the soil and or plant.

Applications and Timings

Application: 250ml/ha with a minimum of 30L/ha of water or greater. This product is recommended for use with TM Agricultural as a pH adjustment for maximum performance. This product is recommended for use with Best Foliar Fertiliser. Fulvic Acid is a known chelating agent and opens the pores on the foliage for greater uptake of nutrients.

Fulvic Plus is a mixture of Fulvic Acid and kelp and is used to help increase porosity in the soil. pH Adjuster also helps to mobilize any heavy metals within the soil. This plays an important part in allowing the soil to naturally adjust its pH level by way of moving the salts.