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Welcome to Best webinar series

Best webinar series is here to provide you with information relating to all things soil health, regenerative agriculture, biological farming, and more. Each webinar will be of a different topic with both different speakers and co-hosts. We hope you enjoy and can learn something interesting along the way.

Thank you for your support
The Best Team

Understanding Soil Tests - With David Hardwick

In this online webinar, we speak with David Hardwick from Soil Land Food on how we make sense of soil tests. 

David is an agroecologist and has over 20 years of experience in rural landscapes, farming and food systems. David’s passion is agroecology and empowering farmers with knowledge and skills that make a difference!

As always thank you to Luke for hosting this online event with us. Luke Harrington from Re-Gen Farming is passionate about supporting farmers with, knowledge and products to improve their soil health.

Talking Carbon with Water Jehne - Soil Microbiologist

In this webinar, Walter from Regenerate Earth will be discussing and answering your questions about Carbon including:

Why is Carbon important?
What is detrimental to building Carbon?
How do you build Carbon in different farming systems?

Special thanks to Luke from Re-Gen Farming for Co-Hosting the webinar with us.

Integrating nutrition and biology for pest and disease management with Joel Williams

Free webinar with Joel Williams from Integrated Soils, co-hosted by Re-Gen Farming
This webinar is based around the nutritional links to plant immunity and how beneficial microbes can also antagonise diseases and support plant immunity against pests.

Talking cover crops in Australia with Grant Sims from "Down Under Covers"

In this webinar co-hosted by Re-Gen Farming, Grant talks about a number of different topics all related to cover cropping.

This includes:
Why use cover crops?
Choosing your cover crop and is it a good fit for you?
Paddock preparation.
Seed treatments ie: biostimulants, legume inoculants, etc
Fertility requirements
Weed control
How to get a return and profit.
Should I do a summer cover crop?