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Wondering how Best’s products work? If you have a question about our products, take a look at our FAQs

Yes. Unlike other products, TM Agricultural contains no added biology apart from what would be found in the natural products used in its manufacture. Always perform a jar test if unsure.
TM Agricultural (“Terra Mend”) is an organically certified biostimulant that primarily consists of a variety of plant extracts, arcadian seaweed, molasses, and fish meal. It takes about four months to make a batch of TM Agricultural.
TM Ag is NOT a Pesticide, Fungicide, Herbicide therefore approval by the AVMPA (Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) has not been sought. It is approved by Australian Organics as allowed input No. 10904AI
Best Farming Systems Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured in Goulburn NSW, using both imported and local ingredients.
Yes. Many farmers report excellent results when applying TM Agricultural in the rain; especially when there is an excess of ground cover. Of course, this may be restricted if tank mixing with a herbicide.
TM Agricultural and Fulvic Plus have no withholding period as it contains no harmful chemicals. Our Foliar Fertiliser is taken up within 4 hours after spraying, however, for best results keep stock off for as long a possible to allow regrowth of plants.
Yes. Many farmers report excellent results when using TM in conjunction with more biologically friendly forms of fertiliser. There are numerous companies producing quality fertilisers and composts with the benefit of soil biology in mind. However, the application of large quantities of material per hectare or the high cost of specialised microbial products can be a major consideration with these approaches.
Best Products can be applied directly to the soil, foliage, or on the seed. It can be applied through a spray rig, irrigation, liquid inject. All of Best products are applied through a liquid application.
This product is recommended for use with TM Agricultural as a pH adjustment for maximum performance. This product is recommended for use with Best Foliar Fertiliser. It can also be used as a wetting agent to increase the efficiency of knockdown and selective herbicide sprays. Fulvic Acid is a known chelating agent and opens the pores on the foliage for greater uptake of nutrients.
Yes. All of our products (excluding our Foliar Fertiliser) contain Arciadian Seaweed.
No. The vast majority of TM is used in minimum tillage or pasture operations.

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