Sharing the Passion

March 2019.

Henry & Jarrod Agostinelli have previously reported on the use of TM Agricultural in macadamias and strawberries (see report here). Diversification into passion fruit vines is now “bearing fruit” with the aid of TM products.

The farm presently supports 2900 vines. The youngest of these are just 6 months old. The older producing vines are older than they should be, or rather, older than the normal life expectancy of commercial vines. These vines are in their third year, beyond the normal 2 year life expectancy. Further to that, the yield has been very strong, 6000 trays being packed for market for the season from the producing portion of the vines. The vines are certainly good for a third season’s production.

Visiting the plantation, I picked a fruit off the ground and cracked it open. The taste was exceptionally sweet.

As with their macadamias & strawberries, the nutritional program is kept simple. TM agricultural plus a biological N product and in the case of the passion fruit, Best Foliar Fertiliser as an extra. The vines show tremendous growth and reproductive energy. Henry also notes that they have experienced very little pest pressure, with neighbours indicating that their crops are under constant attack from bugs.

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