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The agostinelli family have been using TM Agriculture on their fruit and nut tree crops since 2013 and have noticed dramatic changes since doing so. See their history below.


In 2013 Henry Agostinelli first trialled TM on Zucchini and a strong response instigated a program of TM on all crops since. The Agostinelli’s focus these days is on their 5ha of macadamia nut trees  (non-irrigated), 300,000 strawberries plants and a block of passion fruit trees.


In 2015 Henry delivered 19.5 tonnes of good quality macadamia nuts to his processor in the season. Even after losing an estimated 4 tonne in a storm which dumped 300mm of rain in 4 hours and floated everything on the ground down the drains. The 4 tonne per ha of macadamias was very good production despite 2014 being the driest spring for many years.


In 2016 the trees looked to be in great shape and a strong flowering heralded a good result. Their harvest produced 25 tonnes of NIS delivered (5 tonne per ha) and Henry was well pleased with the orchard performance, underwritten by TM.


In 2017 the Agostinelli had another strong season with productivity from the macadamias continuing to improve. A strong harvest yielded 29 tonnes NIS (5.8 tonnes per ha) and the farm earned a industry productivity award this season.


Yet again, despite some wayward weather conditions, the macadamias increased production. The macadamia harvest yielded 32.5 tonnes (6.5 tonnes per ha) and a strong flowering indicates good potential for 2019.

Burrum Berries – Powered by TM Agricultural

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Agostinelli Strawberry Plants

Strawberries have been a focus of cash flow and profit on the farm. In early plantings the production struggled to get beyond 2.5 punnets per plant average (250g per punnet). TM was first used on strawberries about half way through the 2014 season which lifted the average to 3.4 punnets per plant. In 2015 production jumped to 4.25 punnets per plant across a short season. Production has since remained strong with extraordinary plant health maintaining production. Even when adverse weather conditions might have caused problems. The excellent plant health is with good reason. Henry discovered a doggy excavation approximately 500mm deep, courtesy of farm hound “Max” which exposed the roots of adjacent strawberry plants extending the full depth of the hole. 

Two years ago, passion fruit were added to the farm inventory. The accepted lifespan of passion vines is two years if they are well looked after. However, Henry and Jarod have advised that the vines are heading for their third season and looking strong. Healthy soil has provided a buffer against root rot and disease.

TM Agricultural continues to play a strong role in the Agostinelli farming program. Henry, Teresa and Jarod have all confirmed a dramatic change in soil structure since TM treatment was implemented. The soil has moved from being “lifeless” to a soft crumbly structure, which holds moisture well, works easily and is teeming with earthworms.

TM stands for “Terra Mend”. It has confirmed its place in maintaining and improving soil health economically.

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