Bevan Day, Theebine near Gympie. Purchased TM Ag in late 2017.

Bevans’s purchase stayed in the drum for a lengthy period of time. Eventually, the profound effect of pasture dieback was too much and Bevan got to and applied his TM. Bevan spoke to me in early 2019 and was pretty sceptical about the prospect of his pasture returning to its former state. I inspected the pasture a while later. It was in a pretty sorry state no doubt, with the typical bare patches and subsequent weed infestation in play.

Inspection of the TM treated area encouraged me, however. PH was in a good place and I noted that there were viable hair roots still looking to revive. I encouraged Bevan to be patient as I was confident the African Star grass pasture would revive. I revisited Bevans pasture, May 2020. The pasture has fully revived. Bevan reports that the block has been heavily grazed and it remains in very good shape.

Hence his statement :
“I would like 500 acres of that pasture”

Unfortunately, no photographs of the original state of the pasture were taken, but for those who have experienced dieback, it was typical bare ground and weeds. As the pasture revived, Bevan has managed the weeds into oblivion by slashing.

Pasture fully recovered. The general experience has been that untreated pasture has relapsed into dieback.

Brice Kaddatz
Best Enviro Field Advisor. Gympie. Qld.