March 10 2018

Stuart Volmerhausen made contact, very concerned about the spread of pasture dieback across his grazing country at Theebine. Stuart was aware of TM Agricultural and had considered trying it for some time. To try to improve country which had been worked hard for decades. The expanding devastation of prime graze with the mystery dieback galvanised him into action. He began a program immediately.

It was decided to apply 250ml TM per ha, combined with 500ml per ha of either kelp or fish product to assist with root stimulation once TM activated the indigenous biology. Weather conditions were perfect during the period and approximately 80 hectares were treated. Good soil moisture and for the most showery conditions ensured rapid delivery to the soil and optimum uptake.

New Growth Appearing in pastureMid April 2018

Within four weeks of application, Stuart believed he could see a marked improvement across his pastures.

1. The most severely affected areas showed positive regrowth from the remnant grass stools. Stuart was concerned that large areas would require replanting. He became confident this would not be necessary.
2. The spread of dieback was halted from the time of application.
3. Paddocks that were virtually brown and lifeless, “written off”, were showing strong recovery.

Pasture Dieback affected area

Late May 2018

Stuart drove across the paddocks treated with TM. He found the resultant experience hard to explain. But it was obvious to him that there was a dramatic change to the “Soil Structure” of the paddocks as he traversed the property. This has been noted in other applications.

July 14 2018

A thorough inspection of the paddocks treated with TM has shown a strong recovery. A big bonus is no bare ground encouraging weed growth beyond that existing prior to TM being applied. Where pasture grasses had virtually blown away, a strong covering of clover has maintained ground cover and good feed value. A majority of the grasses have responded strongly and Stuart is impressed with the vigour and density of the pasture for this time of the year. Unlike the first inspection, the soil is now friable and smells fresh. It should be noted that a neighbour who also applied a trial of TM has commented on the unusual softness of his soil, never seen previously.

Pasture Dieback replaced

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