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TM Lawn and Garden is a custom blended liquid formulation that is applied to the soil and to the plants that will feed the existing microorganisms in the soil. TM Lawn & Garden is an organically registered product that uses “trigger technology” to stimulate native micro life in the soil. Once they are “triggered” back to life they will assist plants to grow stronger and healthier. This will promote increased levels of nutrients, sugar, longer blooming periods and longer shelf life for produce. Increased micro life in the soil retains moisture, releases nutrients to plant roots and improves soil structure. This enables vegetables, fruit trees, natives, lawns and ornamentals to flourish through typical periods of summer and winter stress, remaining strong and healthy while using less water.



TM Lawn & Garden mixes readily with water for use with water cans or sprayers. When using TM Lawn & Garden you can reduce the amount of fertiliser you use by 10 to 50 percent of the manufacturer’s recommended rate.

Mix 10 – 20mls into 9 Litres of water and spray directly on the soil or as a foliar spray on lawn, gardens or trees. 9 Litres treats approximately 6m2 of soil. Apply every 2 – 4 Weeks


Use with other chemicals

In unhealthy soil conditions – extreme pH levels, and low oxygen – unwanted weeds and pests can flourish. Since TM Lawn & Garden is formulated to encourage the re-population of native aerobic soil microbes, fungicides and insecticides, if required, should be applied between applications of TM Lawn & Garden. Herbicides can be applied in conjunction with TM Lawn & Garden.

TM Lawn & Garden is a registered farm input with Australian Certified Organics ACO the larger of the two certification streams and is Australia’s Premier auditing, certifying, and licensing company of organic and biodynamic operators.