Tony finds best options for pastures to berries

A hefty $30,000 saving on his fertilizer bill, improved plant vigour and ground cover has resulted in a healthy triple bottom line for North East farmer Tony Iaria. The Iaria family run a diverse enterprise mix – a 300-cow dairy, a Limousin stud, fodder crops, chestnuts, cherries, hazelnuts, and a pick-your-own berry orchard. With rising fuel, machinery and labour costs compounded by lower farm-gate returns, Tony looked for ways of driving down production costs across all enterprises. He found a solution in the organically certified soil rejuvenator, TM Agricultural, which uses plant extracts to stimulate indigenous soil microbes. He simply applies the TM Ag as a liquid spray at 250mls/ha two to three times a year on all crops and pastures – on the chestnut orchard alone the fertilizer bill has been slashed from $35,000 to $1500 a year.