18 Copford Road Goulburn NSW 2580
26 May 2020

pH Adjuster used in a knockdown spray

On the 19th March the paddock was sprayed with 2L/ha of Glyphosate 450, 500ml/ha MCPA, 250ml/ha TM Agricultural and 250ml/ha pH Adjuster. The weeds were very large, some over one meter in size, and the spectrum consisted of: melons; bindweed; caltrop; Chinese lantern; saltbush, rolly polly; barnyard grass; liverseed grass; peachvine; pigweed; windmill grass; turnip; marshmallow; black oats and wheat.


06 Feb 2020

Give your crops their best start with TM Germination

If you have been fortunate to receive some rain anytime from now is ideal to apply the pre-emergent TM Agricultural (Biostimulant) application as the stimulation of soil micro-biology is essential in a bare fallow or ground that has not had any green growing plants in it or that has been subjected to high temperatures all of which shuts down soil micro-biology which takes months to re-establish when plants/crops are actively photosynthesising and growing in the soil.

If/when you are beginning to organise seed and seed grading etc, a cost effective start for your crop is to apply TM Germination to the seed instead of a pickle.


13 Sep 2019

“Condamine” Gilgandra NSW – Gross Margin Savings 2018

A TM Farmer in the Central West Slopes area of NSW was up until 3 years ago applying on average 150kg/ha urea at planting and 80-100kg MAP in-crop and was being asked to increase that amount by his agronomist. This was costing around $150/ha and the farmer commented that he was ”Ending up with plants that weren’t as healthy as they should have been”. This led him to try TM Agricultural to improve his soil and plant health.