On the 19th March the paddock was sprayed with 2L/ha of Glyphosate 450, 500ml/ha MCPA, 250ml/ha TM Agricultural and 250ml/ha pH Adjuster. The weeds were very large, some over one meter in size, and the spectrum consisted of: melons; bindweed; caltrop; Chinese lantern; saltbush, rolly polly; barnyard grass; liverseed grass; peachvine; pigweed; windmill grass; turnip; marshmallow; black oats and wheat.

The below photos show the paddock on the 19th March, hours before being sprayed and 2nd April, two weeks post spray.

An area of another paddock had the pH Adjuster left out of the spray mix so that it was just Glyphosate, MCPA, and TM Ag at the same rates. When I examined the pH Adjuster treated and untreated areas of the paddock I could see an improvement in the weed kill in the area where the pH Adjuster was included in the spray.